Bioenergy water activator

Have you ever drunk water that would really taste? Have you felt new energy and power coming into your body? What kind of water do we drink today? Water packed in plastics, energy-depleted, which contains chemical toxins, or water-based water pipes containing chlorine, which leads to colon cancer and other diseases. Each human cell contains about 70% water. Man is dependent on quality water and should pay more attention to this matter. Long-term use of unsuitable liquids threatens our health.

BIOENERGY WATER ACTIVATOR  working with bio-resonance AWL energy-information technology is the first device of its kind that allows to still keep at home freshly activated water whenever you remember. It manages and purifies water from various mechanical impurities, odors, chemicals and bacteria. The water passing through the water activator is very vigorously activated by the bio-resonance and the matrix of the set energy-information field. Its crystalline grid changes, negative information is erased – the so-called water memory.

Its energy properties do not change even during microwave heating. It is very tasty, delicate and beneficial for the detoxification of organs and cells in our body. With regular drinking of this water, the cells are regenerated and they are in a position to manage the recovery process of the organism. Activated water increases the energy of the human organism, through this it helps to fight harmful free radicals. It improves the performance of the whole organism without doping.

Baths in activated water have a beneficial effect on the hypersensitive skin. Herbal teas cooked in this water have a greater effect on our health. It is suitable to use activated water for cooking, watering, for animals and fish. Plants and your pets will be stronger, more beautiful, healthier and more resistant to disease.

Our lives, our health and our illness depend on what kind of water, the quantity and content of information we have in our blood and lymph. For healthy people, clean water is an excellent substance for health and strength, and it is the first cure to treat illnesses. Water is the most natural, cheapest and safest medicine.


Height: 31,6 cm
Width: 13 cm
Maximum water pressure: 8,6 atm
Maximal flow: 180 l/h
Thermal working mode: 2°C – 52°C
Filter element: Ceramics, activated carbon
Mechanical filtering: from 0,1 microns
Bacterial filtering: 99,8%
Filter element capacity: 




8000 l

AWL water activator is suitable to be used:

  • In every household or workplace
  • To drink, to cook
  • To bath in
  • To water the flowers
  • To drink for pets

Replacing the filter element for water activator
The lifespan of the filter element is limited to one year from the first start of water or by the filtration of 8,000 litres of water. Then you need to purchase a new filter element.