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ENERGY LIFE ltd. is an English company that has been dealing with the sale of Oberon diagnostic tools of Quantum system already for several years. In December 2016, Energy Life acquired a license to produce and distribute world innovation in the field of recording and encoding information. It has become the exclusive distributor of all MEGA drops distributed by Energy Life to all countries and regions of the world.

The research was co-authored by Miroslav Nosek, Ph.D., a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alex Laufersweiler, a scientific member and MAE consultant, healers and physicians.

MEGA drops

MEGA drops have been created on the basis of long-term development in the field of information transfer recorded and subsequently stored in the molecular grid of different carriers. This changes the physical and energy properties of metals, glass, plastics, wine, water, etc. We have named this technology AWL and all the products that have been treated with this technology are marked like that.

The transmission of information and its coding was used firstly in digital form in 2006 in the BHG program for tasters who set the taste and quality of the wine for the municipality and the wine vendor using this program. Since then, this method of coding has been constantly upgraded. Now, this technology is used to transfer healing information and to ensure that no information in our products is erased.

To make you imagine this in reality: This coding is so effective that the information, the holographic program and the matrix stored in Mega drops are not destroyed even when irradiated by microwaves in the microwave oven. If you put the drops in the microwave oven and let it work, the original recorded information will be restored in the drops within 30 seconds as it was recorded during the production. You can try such an experiment with any kind of other drops, with food or with a food supplement, and you will find that after being put into the microwave oven they will be severely damaged.

MEGA drops contain information of healthy tissues, stem cells, herbs, as well as information for searching for heavy metals and allergens. In addition to this information, there are also recorded different testing and harmonizing programs that are triggered at the time of application, i.e. after injecting drops under the tongue. Just right now, the program shall run fully and determine in what intensity and which information recorded into the product should work. You can imagine it as if you were uploading a computer program to the water instead of a hard drive. It works so great because the water has amazing memory.

The same kind of MEGA drops affects each person in different way. Each person is an original and needs a different information for his or her body, so each person has another matrix to influence him or her and be functional for him or her and another frequency is triggered.

Also other companies are able to record information nowadays, but to protect them from being erased and make them act on each individual individually, there are very few of those in the world. Do you know any of them?

In order to avoid using many types of drops at one time, we have focused the basic set on strengthening the body’s main organs, according to the traditional Chinese medicine.

MEGA drops contain such a huge amount of energy:

  • Energy, such as the transmission carrier wave, which is a special program set to several hundreds left-handed and right-handed spins in a certain ratio.
  • The energy of healing information and therapeutic holographic programs and the matrices they carry.

In sensitive measuring instruments, the Mega Drop energy effect can be recognized within minutes. Of course, healers can see and feel this energy instantly. After the drops are ingested, the aura’s radiation changes, the energy increases in the chakras and in the various meridians. Those using the muscle test, automatic drawing, virgule or pendulum to diagnose will be surprised how quickly energy changes occur in the body. This also applies to other things, such as neutralizing the effects of toxic substances, metals and allergens in the body.

Information and recorded programs are constantly improving and therefore we welcome any collaboration with physicians and healers who have experience with various computer science, organ preparations, dietary supplements, stem cells, herbs, fragrances, medicines, and other quality products from other companies. Used information can then be further processed and added to these drops as a frequency and holographic matrix with the use of their healing power for the health of all people.

Kapky Mega Drops nejsou léky, homeopatika ani dopněk stravy. Je to voda do které byly technologii AWL přeneseny energo-informace.