Harmonizer – stickers against electro-smog

In every household there are many electrical and electronic devices that emit electromagnetic waves. These waves have an adverse effect on the organism, interfering with the human bio poles energy. This then results in feeling tired and weakened working with a computer, frequent telephoning, or watching TV. Wifi, which we find in every workplace and every apartment, is also working affecting us.

The Electromagnetic Smog Harmonizer is produced as an energy holographic sticker that helps neutralize the harmful effects of radiation that arise around electronic home appliances.

With more frequent use of a high-frequency mobile phone, head temperature is raised by half a degree. Sensitive individuals can feel headaches, feel irritated and tired due to the energy of smog. The same can be caused by an electronic alarm clock, a tape recorder or a radio that is plugged into an electrical outlet and located near the head. The transformer, which transmits the higher voltage to low, emits a harmful charge to a distance of 1.5m. The closer we have it to the body, the more we feel tired in the morning. After a few years, the central nervous system weakens and one can feel internal nervousness.

Therefore, it is advisable to disconnect the electronic appliances that we do not use permanently, disconnect sockets and others should be provided with this energy-harmonizing holographic label. After sticking this special sticker to any electronic device, it will permanently reduce the harmfulness of energy to the human organism.

Label – Harmonizer works with new bio-resonance energy-holographic AWL technology.

The labels are produced with varying intensity of the energy holographic field, which is adjusted automatically according to the intensity of the harmful radiation.

The product is suitable to be used for:

  • Phone
  • Wifi box
  • Notebook, desktop computer (stick onto keyboard or monitor)
  • Microwave oven
  • Television