Zostabil is the world’s first instrument to use the spatial energy-information holographic field using free energy with quantum information transmission. This device is specially designed to interfere with some types of pathogenic zones and stabilizing the protective energy field in your apartment, cottage, car or workplace. The device shall be turned on by the power switch and all three below mentioned programs start working immediately. People who have increased sensitivity will experience a change in the environment within one minute. The minimum reach of the machine is a circular disc 25 m wide and 12 m high. We place it in the middle of the space that we need to harmonize.

Zonostabil has 4 programs:

  • Eliminating harmful effects of geo-pathogenic and electromagnetic zones.
  • Eliminating all the damaging effects of shape zones – furniture, mirrors, EAN codes, etc. It fixes the space according to Feng shui.
  • Eliminating the harmful effects of psychosomatic zones (areas occur after arguments, tragedies, human deaths, waiting rooms, etc.)
  • Energy holographic pyramid – after the program starts, a pyramid of energy will be created at the site of the specified size stated by you. Its parameters can be set (intensity, colour, size) on the back of the device, holding your finger for 10 seconds on the appropriate colour, pyramid size and radiant intensity. The maximum pyramid size is 9 m. The exact centre of the pyramid is located where the box is located. Pyramid can be used to treat, harmonize and recharge.

Zónostabil is suitable to be used:

  • In the houses, apartments, offices,
  • Where you feel unwell, you suffer from uncomfortable feelings, headaches
  • Where stronger geo-pathogenic zones have been measured
  • In the place where violence took place
  • Where someone died
  • At a place where a lot of people passes through
  • In ambulances and offices where treatments, massages and therapies také place