Chinese Medicine

Healing Body and Soul – Philosophy of Traditional

Basic information Chinese Medicineon the principle of effects of the five main energy-information products we offer, based on traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Traditional Chinese medicine looks at the person as a whole, the body is no divided into organs, like in Western medicine. The organs interact and complement each other.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine works with the five main organs of the body, which are compared to their five elements.
  • If we want to care for our body and health, it is good to know when and which organ is ruling over the year to support it at the time. At the time of its reign, the organ is weakened and therefore needs “security”. Organs can be strengthened by our Mega drops that we offer. Drops can support the organ, and so we can prevent many health problems.
  • Each of the five major organs cooperates with another organ, which we call the subsidiary body. If one is in imbalance, another can not be completely healthy.
  • Each of the five major organs has vibration of a certain colour and taste characteristic to it.
  • Each organ is affected by some emotion. This emotion manifests itself in an imbalance – organ dysfunction.
  • Each of the five major organs has its energy output in the body. If there is a health problem in energy output, the managing organ is primarily in disarray. Most health problems arise first at the psychic level and after years they can be manifested at the level of matter-body.

Example: The child suffers from frequent inner ear inflammations. In the ears there is an energy output of the kidneys. Kidney psychics are fears and unresolved relationships. Conclusion: Parents of the child often argue while trying to keep their problems hidden from the child. However, the child perceives that parents have a problem and is afraid to remain abandoned, or to lose their parents (this is happening at an unconscious level). The kidneys are unbalanced through the fear of the child, overfilled with yang energy, and thus inflammation begins to form in the ears.


OrganElementSeasonColorTasteOutputPair organ
liverwoodspringblue-greensourin the eyesgallbladder
heartfiresummerredbitterin the tonguesmall intestine
spleenearthlate summeryellowsweetlipspancreas, stomach
lungsmetalfallwhitespicynoselarge intestine
kidneyswaterwinterblacksaltyin the earsbladder